How to Decorate a Vanity Table for Mom this Mother’s day

How to Decorate a Vanity Table for Mom this Mother’s day

Posted by Art.Z on 14th Apr 2016

Are you looking to surprise mom this Mother’s day with a vanity table? If so, take it a step further by decorating the vanity table; enhancing the beauty of this thoughtful gift. Make this spot as unique as possible by creating a beautiful space full decorative elements that will inspire her. To help you create a special place for mom, here are a few ideas to give her new or existing vanity a personality that matches hers.

Beautiful Trifole Mirror

Pick the perfect mirror

Choosing the right mirror is essential for any vanity. Is the room modern or contemporary in design? A simple mirror with clean straight lines is the way to go. For a more inviting look, circular or oval swivel mirrors always looks great. Want something that radiates elegance? A large, over-sized mirror or tri-fold mirror will accomplish this effortlessly.


Design a display

Does your mother have a few favorite pictures or works of art that she adores? Take these special pieces and hang them above and/or around the vanity. White vanity tables look great when paired with colored photos or use black and white artwork to create a vintage look that adds subtle elegance.

Vanity Table Ambiance

Create ambiance

The proper ambiance is key for any room. Create a fresh and airy feel by placing fresh flowers in a simple or decorative vase. For an inviting or romantic vibe, place scented candles either directly on the surface of the vanity or around the vanity by installing some simple shelves. Whichever route you go, it will not only make the table look appear more stunning, it will make the room smell amazing.

                               Vanity Tray for Makeup

Organize her products

One of the main reason’s mom should own a vanity is to keep all her essentials in one area. Use decorative trays to put perfumes and brushes on display. For other items such as styling tools, hair products and makeup, assign a drawer to each category of products. Every drawer should serve a purpose to get the most out of the vanity and it keeps everything nice and neat!

Happy Mother's Day

Mom deserves the best!

With Mother’s day around the corner, getting mom her own makeup vanity and decorating it will make her feel truly appreciated. The gift itself is already thoughtful but taking the time to decorate it will show that you took plenty of though and effort into the gift. With so many vanities to choose from, take your time while browsing through our selection to ensure you get your mother the perfect vanity this Mother’s Day.