Holiday Wish List: Gifts for Her

Holiday Wish List: Gifts for Her

Posted by Art.Z on 29th Oct 2015

Have you thought about what to get the most important women in your life this holiday season? Many husbands and boyfriends are always faced with the dilemma of what to get their loved ones. If you have a young daughter, stylish teenager or a sophisticated wife, a makeup vanity table set is the perfect gift to outdo yourself this year. Below you will find three types of vanities that are suitable for different types of women who vary in age.

                                             kids vanity

Your Little Princess

Make your daughter feel special by giving her a throne to make her feel like the princess you know she is. There is no better way to let her play pretend than by getting her a cute little vanity that matches her adorable personality. She will spend hours playing and imitating her mother and behaving without her even realizing it! The best part? It’s a lot cheaper than buying her an actual castle!

Metallic Platinum Vanity Table

The Makeup Aficionado

Do you have a teenage daughter or a girlfriend that has tons of makeup, loves to experiment with it and has nowhere to put it except everywhere in the room and bathroom? Well, a make-up vanity is not only a stunningly gorgeous gift; it’s a lifesaver! A vanity with mirror is equipped with several drawers to store ALL of the makeup, accessories and styling tools she may have. Not only will this make you father of the year or best boyfriend ever, you will reap the benefits of having a cleaner and more organized living space!

Makeup table with Drawers

For the Queen

Does it feel as if you have given your wife everything ranging from expensive jewelry to exotic perfume? An elegant, traditional vanity is the perfect place to store those past gifts as well as her makeup and styling tools. Put an end to her standing in front of a mirror; a vanity with bench makes getting ready in the morning a lot more relaxed and pleasurable. She can easily get ready as the tri-fold mirror captures every angle of her face. Make your wife feel special by giving her a beauty oasis to call her own. You just made all of her friends jealous.

Don’t be Shy

Take a look at our great selection of vanity table sets until you find the one that stands out to you above the rest. If you have no idea, ask her. Let her choose a few favorites and then pick one of those so it can still be a surprise for her the day of the unveiling. She will not mind picking out a fabulous vanity station for herself, we promise!

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