Four Fabulous Makeup Vanity Tables

Four Fabulous Makeup Vanity Tables

Posted by Art.Z on 5th Apr 2016

Designing the perfect bedroom can be tough. It requires a delicate mixture of style, design and function. Are you looking for a way to complement your bedroom without taking away from the beauty of your bed and set pieces? Our makeup vanities have the unique ability to instantly transform a room and look great as a stand-alone piece. The following majestic makeup vanity tables do more than just look fantastic, they are functional and enhance the beauty and style of any bedroom.

The Kensington

                                     Kensington Vintage Silver Make Up Table

Introducing our newest addition, the Kensington vintage silver makeup vanity table. This dressing table radiates elegance and beauty that permeates throughout a master bedroom. The hand brushed silver finish brilliantly shines during the daytime and is paired with rope details, carved wooden moldings and an oversized mirror to catch every angle of your face. Equipped with seven drawers for storage and a stunning stool, this set has everything you need to get ready for your day or night.

The Victoria


Makeup Table with Mirror


The Victoria makeup vanity set is great for all ages. Whether it’s for your young daughter, teenager or wife, this vanity meets the needs of your loved one. The clean silver finish and hand painted details offer a casual, inviting vibe while still exuding subtle elegance. The two towers of storage and center drawer offer all the storage you need to store makeup, brushes, styling tools and perfumes.

The Camilla Vanity Set


Camilla luxurious vanity set

The Camilla dressing table is perfect for those that don’t want an over the top vanity in their room. This medium sized vanity features a toval mirror, a center drawer and ample surface top that provides the perfect amount of style and storage. Add a subtle amount of beauty to your bedroom while also creating a style haven that stores your essentials. Get ready to tackle your day in style and comfort.

The Lex 

Lex Platinum Vanity Table

For fans of traditional and contemporary style, we present to you the Lex platinum vanity table set. This set look great in a traditional, modern and transitional bedroom setting. Versatile by design, this vanity features soft lines, a unique platinum finish, mirror accents and traditional bun feet. This is chic elegance at its finest.

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