Designer's Choice: Dazzling Dressing Tables

Posted by Art.Z on 19th Nov 2015

As the year winds down to the end, designers from around the globe assess the popularity, usefulness and beauty of all the 2015 makeup vanity tables. This year, we have narrowed down the list to 5 types of different types of vanity tables people are falling in love with.

Mirrored Makeup Vanitie

Making a strong comeback is mirrored furniture. At the head of this movement are mirrored vanity tables that are appearing in more and more bedrooms across the nation. Why are these so popular? The answer is simple, they are bold, bright and exude elegance. A mirrored vanity can blend in with any type of décor and make a room appear larger, brighter and make it more inviting.

The Off-Colored Vanity

The era of safe colors is over. Now more than ever, boldly colored vanity tables are in. Some of the most popular colors include apple green. A vibrant vanity looks particularly great in rooms with neutral tones or a contemporary theme. A splash of color adds liveliness to a bedroom while also displaying your fun and energetic personality.

                               white makeup vanity table

The Multifunctional Makeup Desk

It’s no surprise that a multifunctional makeupdesk is one of the most sought after vanities. Women want more bang for their buck and a desk vanity delivers on that promise. Particularly popular among teens and college youth, this definitely makes for a great gift idea that your girlfriend or daughter will love.

platinum vanity table set

Storage Galore

With so much great makeup and accessories in the market, it’s hard not to accumulate vast quantities of products. Any woman with a lot of makeup will tell you that they need a lot of storage. To accommodate the growing needs of these makeup mavens, dressing tables with a lot of storage will always be in high demand year after year.                                              

Timelessly Traditional

You simply can’t mess with a classic, traditional vanity. These are what started the vanity movement and are still going on strong. Traditional vanities represent class, beauty and creates a space in your room that is not only gorgeous, it makes getting ready for your day a much more enjoyable routine.

Now that you know which vanities people go crazy for, which one is right for you? From small to large and designed to fit every budget, we are certain you will find a dressing table that meets your unique needs. Shop our store and discover the vanity that will make the perfect addition to your bedroom.

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